3 Garage Storage Solutions that Will Maximize Your Space

Feb 18, 2023 | Garage Organization

With all of the tools, sporting equipment, holiday decorations and other things that have made their way into your garage, it’s easy to find the garage as the catch-all space of your home.

Some things just belong in the garage, but it’s difficult to find a place for all of it. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the “stuff” you have in your garage, maybe it’s time to look into storage solutions.

Infinity Garage Solutions will work with you to see how we can maximize your storage, and configure your space so you can enjoy your garage the way you should.

Here are three storage solutions that we can use to utilize the space in your garage.

  1.  Storage Racks

Our storage racks are a great solution to get seasonal items out of your way.  Our ceiling mounted storage racks come in multiple sizes, and are weight graded up to 800 lbs each.

They are constructed from powder coated steel, and their height can be adjusted based on the ceiling height of your garage so those boxes of holiday ornaments and other things you don’t need all the time are completely out of your way until you need them.

Tire storage is something that every Canadian struggles to find space for, and we have the perfect solution!  Our wall-mounted tire racks are made of steel and can be adjusted depending on the size of your tires.

Forget paying fees to have your tires stored elsewhere and save money by keeping them in your garage.

  1.  Garage Slatwall Panels


Our garage slatwall panels come in many different colour options, and they are made from PVC so they are 100% waterproof and recyclable.

All of the accessories for our slatwalls are interchangeable so you can easily move them to suit your needs.  Many of our slat wall colour options are available with colour-matching trim and screws for a sleek look.

We can provide heavy duty brackets for larger items to store on your slatwall, or organizational pieces like paper towel holders, baskets, shoe shelves or magnetic tool holders.

Everything has its place when you install slatwalls, and with our accessories you can’t help but look organized.

  1.  Garage Storage Cabinets

The ultimate way to customize your garage is to add our modular and custom cabinetry systems to your space.

Our modular systems not only look sleek because their hand finishes come in different colours and have a matching kick-plate, but they also offer you the ability to keep your clutter behind closed doors so your garage always looks organized.  All of the cabinetry Infinity Garage Solutions offers comes with built-in locks as well.

Another installation option Infinity Garage Solutions offers, is Cabinets by Hayley which are designed and manufactured in Canada. These cabinets are constructed from 16 gauge powder coated steel, have a double-wall construction on the doors which provide a strong durable finish to the cabinets. Cabinets by Hayley are available in a number of different module sizes, which can cater to varying spaces. Not only do they offer nine standard colours, but you can request your own customized colour choice.

To find out which storage solution works best for your space, contact us for a free consultation!