Garage Storage Cabinets 

Nov 3, 2023 | Garage Organization

Garage storage cabinets serve as an essential storage solution for homeowners, providing a systematic way to organize and safeguard tools, equipment, and other belongings. Typically, our garage cabinets are made of steel, which boasts a longer lifespan and superior durability compared to other materials. Installing cabinets in your garage can transform your space, making it neater, enhancing accessibility, and adding value to your home. We have a range of sample designs and past installations available for viewing in the gallery. In this article we will discuss: 

  • Quality and Durability 
  • Modular vs Custom Cabinetry 
  • Design and Aesthetics 
  • Maintenance and Warranty 
  • Cost and Payment 
  • Installation and Delivery 

Quality and Durability of Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage storage cabinets are designed to resist rust and moisture, ensuring they remain in pristine condition even in humid environments. Additionally, safety and security are our top priorities; our cabinets come with sturdy locks and are anchored securely to walls to prevent tipping or unauthorized access. 

  • Our garage storage cabinets are predominantly made of steel
  • Steel cabinets offer superior durability and long lifespan compared to other materials.
  • Cabinets enhance organization, accessibility, and add value to your garage.
  • Installation typically takes a couple of days
  • Our cabinets are rust and moisture resistant
  • Safety and security are ensured with sturdy locks and secure wall anchoring. 

Modular vs Custom Garage Storage Cabinets 

Modular and custom cabinet solutions cater to different needs and preferences of homeowners. Modular cabinets are pre-made units that come in standard sizes and configurations. They are typically less expensive than custom-built ones due to their mass production. One of the primary advantages of modular systems is their ability to be rearranged or expanded with ease in the future. Custom solutions, on the other hand, offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of design, size, and functionality. They are tailored to fit specific dimensions and aesthetic preferences of a homeowner. When it comes to installation, modular systems can be set up more quickly as they are ready-made, whereas custom solutions might take longer due to their bespoke nature. However, modular cabinets may have limitations in terms of size, design options, and sometimes quality. For those looking to get the best of both worlds, combining modular and custom cabinets in a garage is indeed possible, offering both convenience and tailored design. 

  • Modular cabinets are pre-made, standard-sized units, while custom cabinets are tailored to specific needs and dimensions. 
  • Modular systems are generally less expensive than custom-built ones.
  • Rearranging or expanding modular cabinets in the future is straightforward.
  • Custom solutions provide greater flexibility in design and size. 
  • Faster installation is seen with modular systems compared to custom solutions.
  • Modular cabinets may have limitations in design, size, and sometimes quality. 

Design and Aesthetics 

Design and aesthetics play a crucial role in ensuring that your garage not only functions optimally but also looks appealing. For our steel cabinets, you certainly have the freedom to choose the color and finish to match your personal taste or the existing décor of your garage. In terms of design styles, modern garages are gravitating towards sleek lines, minimalist designs, and neutral color palettes, but we always stay updated with the latest trends and can provide recommendations to elevate the aesthetics of your space. If you require specific features like a workspace or a benchtop, we can seamlessly incorporate them into the cabinet design. To maximize storage without causing visual clutter, consider taller cabinets, utilizing vertical space, and incorporating pull-out drawers and adjustable shelving. For those with specific storage needs, our cabinets can be customized to hold unique items or equipment, be it golf clubs, gardening tools, or any other gear. 

  • You can customize the color and finish of steel cabinets. 
  • Modern garage trends lean towards sleek, minimalist designs and neutral colors.
  • Features like workspaces or benchtops can be integrated into the cabinet design.
  • To avoid a cluttered look, use taller cabinets, vertical space, and adjustable shelving.
  • Cabinets can be designed to hold specific items or equipment as per your needs. 

Maintenance and Warranty 

Maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of steel garage storage cabinets is straightforward with a little care. For cleaning, simply use a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution, and wipe down the surfaces to remove dust and grime. Always dry with a soft cloth afterward to prevent moisture spots. We pride ourselves on the quality of our garage cabinets, and they do come with a warranty. The specifics of the warranty can vary, but it typically covers defects in material and workmanship. If you ever encounter any damage, we do offer repair services to ensure your garage storage cabinets are back in top condition. To prevent scratches and dents, be cautious when moving items in and out of the cabinets, and consider using shelf liners or padding for added protection. While our steel cabinets are designed for durability, periodic checks for any signs of wear and tear are advisable. Special treatments or coatings aren’t usually necessary, but ensuring they’re kept dry and free from prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals will extend their lifespan. 

  • Clean steel cabinets using a soft cloth and mild detergent, and always dry afterward.
  • Our cabinets come with a warranty, typically covering material and workmanship defects
  • We provide repair services for any potential damage. 
  • Prevent scratches and dents by being cautious and using shelf liners or padding.
  • No special treatments are typically needed, but avoid prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals and moisture for longevity. 

Cost and Payment 

Cost considerations are crucial for any homeowner. For modular solutions, the cost is usually determined based on the number of units, type, and size of cabinets chosen. Custom solutions, on the other hand, are priced based on design complexity, materials, size, and any special features incorporated. We understand the financial commitments associated with home improvements, and hence, we do offer payment plans or financing options to eligible customers. For those new to our services, we occasionally run promotions or offer discounts to first-time customers, so it’s always a good idea to inquire. Typically, our quoted cost includes installation. However, depending on the project’s complexity or if additional services are requested, there might be additional charges. Factors that can affect the final cost of cabinet installation include the garage’s size and layout, any preparatory work required, customized features, material upgrades, and any unforeseen challenges that arise during installation. 

  • Modular solutions are priced based on units and size, while custom solutions consider design, materials, and special features. 
  • We offer payment plans or financing options for eligible customers.
  • Quoted costs usually include installation, but complex projects might incur additional charges. 
  • Final cost can be affected by garage size, preparatory work, customization, material choices, and unforeseen installation challenges.

Installation and Delivery of Garage Storage Cabinets

Preparation and execution of installation are vital steps to ensure the garage storage cabinets fit seamlessly into your garage. Before the installation, it’s advisable to clear out your garage or at least the areas where the cabinets will be installed to provide unhindered access to our team. Our cabinets are anchored securely to the walls using heavy-duty fasteners and brackets to ensure stability and safety. Once you place an order, the typical lead time for installation varies based on the type of cabinets – modular solutions are generally quicker, while custom designs might require more time. Although we strive to minimize disruptions, depending on the scale of the installation, it might be best to limit garage usage for the duration of the process. If you’re replacing old cabinets or materials, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices and will either dispose of them properly or recycle them, depending on the material and its condition. 

  • Clear out the garage or the areas for installation to facilitate the process.
  • Cabinets are anchored using heavy-duty fasteners for stability. 
  • Lead time varies based on the type of cabinets, with custom designs typically taking longer. 
  • It’s advisable to limit garage usage during the installation process. 
  • We dispose of or recycle old cabinets and materials in an environmentally responsible manner, for an additional fee.