Tips on Choosing A Garage Floor

Jan 31, 2023 | Garage Flooring

You’ve finally had enough of your old garage floor – but what kind of floor do you need? Optimally you want something easy to maintain – living in Canada means your garage floor is being exposed to salt, snow, water, and if you park in the garage you want something that is resistant to oil as well. If you are looking for a clean finish, our polyaspartic coating is resistant to all of these elements, along with also being UV stable. Once your floor is finished by Infinity Garage Solutions it will be easy to maintain, and the polyaspartic coating protects your garage floor from future wear and tear.  In comparison epoxy floors are not UV resistant and will fade or discolor if exposed to sunlight.  They also cannot withstand the extremes of the outdoor elements, which makes a polyaspartic floor a more optimal choice. The process of installing your new floor begins with our team grinding your existing concrete floor and filling any cracks it may have.  From there we add a tinted base layer, the chip flakes in the colour you’ve chosen from our showroom, and finally the polyaspartic top layer.


Infinity Garage Solutions has 16 different options for polyaspartic coating, and our showroom is stocked with samples you can look at of each floor colour to assist you with the decision making process.  The floors in our Whitby showroom have even been finished with a few of the different colour options so you can see your potential garage floor on a larger scale.

Our polyaspartic floors can even be done in up to -30 degree weather, so it isn’t just a seasonal project.  Our coatings also come with a 15 year warranty for your peace of mind, and for your convenience they only take one day to cure.  The hardest part of the garage floor process will be choosing the colour of the floor you want from all of our different options! Book your free consultation with us to see all of these flooring options in person!